Permanent Cosmetics by Valarie Good R.N.

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Enhancing Your Natural Look...

Permanent Cosmetics by Valarie...

From the young to senior citizens, everyone who desires a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance can benefit from permanent make-up. It is especially helpful for people who canít wear other cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities and for those who want to look their best while swimming, hiking, biking, playing tennis, during aerobics and other activities. The vision-impaired and people with unsteady hands who have difficulty applying their cosmetics, as well as busy people who donít want to spend time on their make-up, will find a permanent make-up procedure invaluable.

The SofTap® hand method results in soft and natural looking permanent cosmetics. Popular procedures for the eyebrows include individual hair strokes, soft fill and solid fill. For the eyeliner options include lash enhancement, thin fine liner, smudgy effect and thick liner.

SofTap® permanent cosmetics are the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. The SofTapģ needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touch-ups and, most important of all, the most natural look in the world. All our colors strictly use high quality ingredients, are hypo-allergenic and do not contain any FD&C or D&C dyes. Our needles are sterile, made of surgical steel, and are 100% disposable.