Résumé (Curriculum Vitae) of Roy J. Good


A senior management position (by contract or employment) utilizing my international experience in product specification, definition, design, development, test, release and support processes for hardware, firmware, system software and application software. Concurrently I would like to leverage my experience in change management, business process re-engineering and managing through mergers and acquisitions.

Summary of qualifications

  • Over 25 years design and development, marketing and support of hardware and software systems of all sizes, proprietary and industry standard.
  • Over 20 years at Vice President or higher managerial level in public companies
  • Wide international experience in specification, development, deployment, marketing and support.
  • Direct experience of worldwide business and associated cultural differences and considerations.
  • Managed several multi-location multi-cultural projects, nationally and internationally.
  • Experienced with internationalization and localization issues.
  • Have taught technical classes to students from many countries, using English and French with a little German and some Russian, with and without interpreters.
  • Experience with varied target industries, including medical office services, electronic patient records, credit union operations, equipment rental and financial applications software development.
  • Most recently led major application and data migration projects during the Bank of America transition period with Countrywide Home Loans, including major enhancements.
  • Understanding of multiple computer programming languages, operating environments, databases and platforms.
  • Extensive experience in the integration of complex systems.
  • Firm believer in adhering to common industry standards.
  • Strong affinity for hardware and software interfacing, tuning and interaction.
  • Strong business and marketing orientation, including RoI analyses, End-of-Life appraisals, contract negotiations.
  • Proven management responsibility for budgets in excess of $10M and divisional technical staff in excess of 120.
  • Experience on both sides of mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence and change management.
  • Excellent communication skills for discussions with all levels of management, vendors, users and other team members. Highly experienced in inter-departmental presentations and discussions.
  • Citizen of the United Kingdom, U.S. Resident Alien
  • Environments

  • HARDWARE IBM P-series and RS/6000, various Intel-based servers and workstations, proprietary processors and interfaces, SAN (EMC Symmetrix, DMX and Clariion), Load Balancers (Alteon, F5 BigIP).
  • LANGUAGES: .Net, ASP, SQL, C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, QBASIC, Quick BASIC, GWBASIC, Fortran, Algol, CADOL, ICL-PLAN, ICL-ALICE, Assembly [8080, 8085, 8086, 8089, 80x86, 680x0].
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENTS: Microsoft Windows/IIS, UNIX (AIX, SCO, BSD, System V, Linux) and various proprietary environments.
  • DATABASES: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Progress, Paradox, Interbase, Access
  • Professional experience

    Bank of America Home Loans (formerly Countrywide), Agoura Hills, California

    Senior Vice President, Application Development

  • Manage the design, development, test and maintenance of multiple major software applications for mortgage sales and fulfillment and associated fraud monitoring. Applications included decision support financial reporting with intense filters and drill-down, mortgage history tracking, underwriting and approvals and fraudulent activity case tracking.
  • Approve staffing changes, manage and schedule staff and develop outsourced resources.
  • Supervise development, test, release and support of software applications, and provide 24x7 monitoring and response.
  • Provide technology transfer to sales, marketing and support staff.
  • Supervise platform certification and transfer of associated platforms to Bank of America data centers.
  • Major accomplishments:

  • Took over at-risk mortgage status application and reinforced it to become the backbone of the loan application process, including conversion from SQL Server (Windows) to Oracle 9i/10g (AIX). Further enhanced with the addition of automated fraud detection flags, underwriting conditions management and loan approval management.
  • Took over at-risk mortgage fraud tracking application and worked with users and executives to re-front and re-structure it.
  • Enhanced management reporting application to broaden data coverage, support business intelligence usage and support approximately 20,000 users.
  • Maintained committed product deliveries during an extended period of significant senior management changes, procedural changes and hiring constraints resulting from Countrywide's being acquired. Delivered several key components of critical transition charter projects.


    Sungard, Calabasas, California

    Head of Development

  • Manage the design, development, test and maintenance of application software for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000. Programming is implemented using "C", "C++", Visual Basic, BASIC, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, Internet Explorer, Scriptlets, RoboHelp and other appropriate tools.
  • Approve staffing changes.
  • Manage and schedule development department and develop outsourced resources.
  • Develop and monitor budget. Supervise staff for Specifications and Development.
  • Manage international development and customization projects for customers worldwide.
  • Supervise development, test and release of software applications, and review associated manuals and publications.
  • Provide technology transfer to sales, marketing and support staff.
  • Supervise platform certification.
  • Major accomplishments:

  • Took major browser-enabling project from concept to customer acceptance.
  • Negotiated contract to provide outsourced development capability.
  • Maintained contractual product deliveries during an extended period of major senior management changes and hiring constraints.
  • Member of "Y2K" committee.

    Independent Consultant, Los Angeles, California

    Independent Consultant

  • Undertook assignment for senior management of several companies in the Los Angeles area and abroad.
  • Evaluate and recommend tools for time/expenses reporting and analysis.
  • Develop procedures for software customization and delivery.
  • Develop web marketing plan for company based in Monaco.
  • Develop initial web-site for Los Angeles music company.
  • Develop initial web-site for northern California ranch.

    CUSA Technologies, Inc. (A Fiserv Resource), Murray, Utah

    Vice President, Software Development

  • Manage the design, development, test and maintenance of application and systems software for UNIX, Microsoft Windows and Windows NT. Programming is implemented using ASP.Net, SQL, C#, C++, C, Progress 4GL, 3GL languages, UNIX-Shell scripts, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, Scriptlets, RoboHelp and other appropriate tools.
  • Approve staffing changes.
  • Manage multi-location development departments.
  • Develop and monitor $4M+ budget for staff of 85 professionals. Supervise staff for Development, Quality Assurance and Documentation.
  • Negotiate globally with distribution channels, customers, vendors and contractors, and manage associated projects.
  • Manage international development projects for customers in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia.
  • Prepare and present product specifications, market analysis and justification, and return-on-investment analysis.
  • Supervise development, test and release of systems software, systems applications and business applications, associated manuals and publications.
  • Provide technology transfer to sales, marketing and support staff.
  • Supervise platform certification.
  • Major accomplishments:

  • Negotiated joint ownership agreement and developed and released on time a major systems software product, saving company over $1M annually.
  • Integrated software teams from five acquisitions over a period of 9 months.
  • Prepared transition plan to migrate three major application products from 3GL to 4GL.
  • Managed acquisition of electronic Patient Records application, staffed the project for development, test, training and support and installed at five pilot sites.
  • Managed company’s first export sale from translation of customer’s specifications through implementation and pilot tests to source code delivery.
  • Prepared and implemented a plan to replace existing 4GL product with browser-enabled product reusing existing business rules where applicable, with goal of dramatically reducing deployment and support costs.
  • Founding member of "Y2K" committee.

    VERSYSS, Inc., Torrance, California

    Vice President, Product Development

  • Managed the design, development, manufacture and distribution of personal and multi-user computer systems and associated software, using MS-DOS, Novell and UNIX System V operating systems. Programming implemented using "C", "Turbo C", Assembly, UNIX-Shell scripts and other appropriate tools. Prepare and monitor budgets.
  • Negotiated globally with distribution channels, customers, vendors and contractors.
  • Approved staffing changes.
  • Managed bi-coastal (California/Massachusetts) technical staff.
  • Prepared product specifications, market analysis and justification, and return-on-investment analysis.
  • Managed development, test and release of hardware systems, systems software, systems applications, business applications, and associated manuals and publications.
  • Managed peripherals evaluation and qualification.
  • Provided manufacturing and sales support.
  • Developed and monitored $6M+ budget for staff of up to 120 professionals.
  • Supervised staff for Technical Support, Documentation and Training.
  • Major accomplishments:

  • Developed and released various hardware and software products ranging from complete 100-user system platforms (chassis, electronics, firmware, operating system, utilities etc) to plug-in adapters to ancillary software tools and business applications.
  • Proposed, planned and oversaw company transition from hardware design and manufacture to OEM customer and systems integrator.
  • Planned and managed significant downsizing of the technical staff.

    Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, California

    Vice President, Product Development

  • Managed the design, development, manufacture and distribution of personal computer systems (MS-DOS, TOS and UNIX System V) and home video game systems, and associated software.
  • Prepared and monitored departmental and project budgets.
  • Negotiated with vendors and contractors.
  • Managed the design and prototyping of a 32-bit 680x0 system, including mechanicals, custom chip design/fabrication and UNIX software port.
  • Supervised hand-off of prototypes for off-shore manufacture in Japan, Taiwan and/or Hong Kong.
  • Approved staffing changes.
  • Major accomplishments:

  • Completed design and pilot production of several custom ASIC components.
  • Completed design and pre-production run of complete 32-bit desktop TOS/UNIX product, including system software.
  • Negotiated and managed $1M+ contract with international software organization for the port of UNIX System V to 32-bit desktop system.
  • Introduced Problem Report tracking.

    Fortune Systems Corp., Belmont, California

    Vice President, Product Development

  • Managed the design, development, prototyping, manufacture and distribution of personal and multi-user UNIX computer systems and associated software.
  • Managed the development of all Fortune Systems hardware and software products for worldwide markets, including compliance certification.
  • Prepared and monitored departmental budgets.
  • Negotiated with major accounts, vendors and contractors.
  • Approved staffing changes.
  • Supervised department of approx. 90 people, with budget over $5M.
  • Oversaw development, publications, support and training.
  • Major accomplishments:

  • Completed design, prototyping and production release of 32-bit 68020 platforms (Fortune Formula range) including mechanicals, PCBAs and UNIX port, as well as many lesser products.
  • Managed major re-sizing program, which cut department to approximately 45 people then re-grew to around 60.
  • Managed transition when Fortune was acquired by SCI Systems.

    CADO Systems Corporation, Torrance, California

    Director, Software Development & Product Marketing

  • Managed the development of systems software, development utilities and firmware for a new 16-bit (8086/8089) product line.
  • Moved into Product Marketing group in 1984, with responsibility for Systems and Operating Software.
  • Continued technical liaison and product training with international distributors, adding Australia and New Zealand.

  • NOTE: VERSYSS (see above) was the result of the purchase of "Contel Business Systems (formerly CADO)" by the principals of VERSYSS, taking the company private in January 1989. I was then asked to return to head the Product Development department.

    CADO Systems International S.A., Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Director, Systems and Software Support

  • Held management positions associated with the development, marketing and support of the "CADO" product line of small multi-user business computer systems, covering Europe, Iceland, Russia, Hungary and South Africa.
  • Conducted training courses in English and French.
  • Participated at major trade shows (Hannover/CeBit, SICOB, SMAU, Systemotechnika, Which Computer etc)

    Freelance Consultant, Europe

    Computer Consultant

  • Livia Holdings Inc. (Monaco): Held various contract and consulting positions for Insel/MAEL programming and training in UK, Russia and France, including developing firmware for Cyrillic terminals and printers.
  • RCM Systems Ltd. (England): Designed and developed to customer specification a Job Costing application suite for a manufacturer of shoe-making machinery, and a Reservations application for a campground.
  • Polyclinique de Cannes (France): Performed custom software development and system troubleshooting on Digital Equipment PDP-11.

    Insel International, S.A., Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Manager, Support and Development

  • Managed programming and support for Italian (MAEL) line of business computers.
  • Performed on-site distributor and end-user support in Europe, Russia and South Africa.
  • Conducted technical training courses in English and French.
  • Participated at major trade shows (Hannover/CeBit, SICOB, SMAU etc)

    ICL (International Computers Ltd.), Bracknell, England

    Programming Team Leader, Systems Programming Division

  • Design and development of operating system software and compilers.
  • Lead systems programmer on Oxford University "FLAIRBABS" system.
  • Lead systems programmer for OS on 2900 prototype systems.
  • Education

    Bath University of Technology (now University of Bath), England

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Statistics with Mathematics/Computing

  • Four-year course included two required six-month periods working with Ministry of Defence Computer Advisory Bureau and with Plessey Telecommunications Research.
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